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Hell is empty. All the devils are here.

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Los Angelus
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To watch the drama, tragedy, and poetic irony that Los Angelus has to offer click here.

The Credits

Community Owned by: ttheangeluss

Created by: ttheangeluss

Story Line Developed by: ttheangeluss & railroad_spike

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[**Disclaimer** (These characters belong to Joss Whedon, The WB, UPN, and FOX): Although we are emoting these characters, and playing them... (making them ours...) we did not CREATED them.]

The Plot

It's the end of season four and Jasmine has been defeated, but in the process of destroying a god bent on bringing world peace by imposing her views on the world, many people have gotten hurt, physically, emotionally and mentally. And one being above all others has had the prefect lie and illusion of the happiness he has never experienced crumble and die around him... Connor. Even though he saw things for what they truly were from the begining... he could not accept the fact that the world that Jasmine tried to create was simply an illusion of hope. To him, the real world is the one that's too harsh and too cruel... filled with lies, and deceit; were things seem to be perfect, and yet they're not. Nothing matters to him anymore... nothing. His feelings are numb, and there's a void deep down inside... one that can never be repaired. He is dead inside, and that feeling eats away at him every waking hour- he can't take it anymore. His only option? To rid himself of everything that has ever caused him pain, including himself. He sees no other way, there is no hope for a better home, and no hope for a better tomorrow. He gives up on the world, the whole world and wants to be delivered from it with a big bang... literally: explosives, a comatose Cordelia at his side, innocent bystanders... the works.

Meanwhile, everyone at Angel Investigations is in complete awe... they are still trying to absorb everything that has happened over the past few weeks. Everyone is left with doubts, and fears. They are trying to figure out where to go from here... After a year of losses, shifting ideals, alliances, loves, and hitting rock bottom, they deal with the repercussions of their black and white world being completely muddied into grey. They discuss everything that has happened and try to figure out how to get right back up after falling deep down... at least they're all on the same page (or so it seems that way... to the casual observer). They have defeated the bad guy and now, the only thing that they can do, is move on, and keep on fighting... fighting for a better tomorrow... keep on fighting for a better future for their loved ones and for the people of this world. Little did they know that things were about to get quite interesting...

On the other side of town... Wolfram and Hart has already finished reconstructing the Los Angeles Branch after its initial destruction by the Beast. And as always, being the opportunists that they are, they assess the situation in Sunnydale and the current situation with Connor, and begin to think of how they can benefit from it all. Realizing the wonderful opportunity that someone else's suffering may bring to them, they decide to give Angel an offer he can't refuse. They know what's at stake for him. They know how much the people around him mean to him, and they also know that he would do anything in his power to protect them... even if it means doing the unthinkable... like losing his soul. From the depths of hell, or their version of the after life program that Wolfram and Hart has established for those employees who have given their damned lives for the firm in the line of duty, they bring out Lilah to make the offer...

As the gang discuss the future, Lilah walks into the Hyperion and provides the blatant and somewhat jarring introduction to a new potential future for Team Angel - one that could places them on the path as the leaders of the new Wolfram and Hart offices... just like good guys in bed with the enemy. It's a tough pill to swallow for everyone- believing that they would ever agree to Lilah's offer. But after all their struggles, after all their tears and losses, limitations, no allies and constant conflict... taking such an offer doesn't seem so much of a hard shell. Change can be good, for any of them... for all of them... However, everything that's too good to be true usually comes with a high price. And there is no higher price than what Lilah is about to offer Angel (in the privacy of his new soon to be office of course.)

So what is this lucrative offer the Senior Partners have in mind? His soul of course... in exchange for a 'better tomorrow' for those he loves most,(plus keys to the home office.) Can he become the one thing that he detests most in the entire world? Can he become the monster he once was... Angelus? This the type of decision that Angel never expected to have to make... but there is too much at stake. There are too many innocent lives that will suffer if he doesn't take this deal. Including the life of his only son. What is a vampire with a soul to do? How do you justify such a decision? Easy, well, almost easy... in the name of justice, love, and everything he truly believes in, Angel decides to take the offer. But on his terms. He asks Wolfram and Hart to wipe Connor's memories, (but only Connor's) and give him new ones... happy ones, along with a new chance at life. He asks to be allowed to help Buffy in Sunnydale... by giving her the amulet that will help her defeat the first. Then and only then will he give them what they want... his soul. And of course, Wolfram and Hart agrees, because they had already weighed all the pros and cons of the situation.

Angel knows his friends wont understand his reasons. He knows that they may try to change his mind, try to reason with him. But there is really no other way to save the ones he loves most, no other way to provide a better future for them. Still, he briefs the team on his plans. He tells them that they could either be on board and make sure that Angelus stays in check from within the belly of the beast, or work from the outside in. It's their choice, but as far as Angel is concerned, he's already made his own deal with the devil. Angel knows and trusts that his team will make the right choice. For their sakes and the sake of the world. He also devices a plan to keep Angelus in check in order to protect the gang from himself. And just like that everything is set into motion. Lives are changed for ever, one prophecy is fulfilled, a Hellmouth closes, and life goes on...

The Cast


Angelus/Angel (vampire/wolfram & hart ceo: los angeles branch)

Spike/William the Bloody (vampire/currently a ghost)

Wesley Wyndam-Price (human/ex-watcher/relics & occult)

Winifred "Fred" Burkle (human/scientist)

Charles Gunn (human/attorney/conduit to the senior partners)

Krevlorneswath "Lorne" of the Deathwok Clan (anagogic demon/v.p of entertainment)

Connor Riley (human/son of two vampires)

Harmony Kendall (vampire/secretary)

Eve (child of the senior partners/liaison)

Marcus Hamilton (right hand of the senior partners/liaison)

Lindsey McDonald (human/former wolfram & hart employee)

Regina Minor (human/lawyer)


Buffy Summers (slayer)

Faith Lehane (slayer)

Dawn Summers (human/ancient key)

Willow Rosenberg (human/witch)

Alexander "Xander" Harris (human/watcher)

Rupert Giles (human/watcher)

Andrew Wells (human/watcher)

Gwen Raiden (human/power of electricity)


Cordelia Chase (part demon/seer)

Drusilla (vampire/has 'the sight' & is crazy)

Dana (slayer/also crazy)

Illyria (ancient god)

Justin Jensen (vampire)

Rory Bronson (vampire)

Fangdan Wood (vampire)

Leonardo (vampire)

The Immortal (immortal)

Ilona Costa Bianchi (wolfram & hart ceo: roman branch)

Lilith (vampire)

Esmeralda (dhampir)

Elyse Asyriel (senior partner: the wolf)

Aries Asyriel (senior partner: the ram)

Deverian Asyriel (senior partner: the hart)

Mature Audience

PLEASE NOTE: This community contains NC-17 material. Everyone under 17 years of age, read at your own risk. Thank you.